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Dive into the realm of critical thinking with Atropos, a skeptics society based in the Czech Republic.

Our podcast, Meaning of (Skeptical) Life, explores various topics within the skeptical movement, tackling issues such as alternative and complementary medicine (with a focus on its often tragic consequences), conspiracy theories, and a critical examination of religions, societal problems, and emerging scientific trends. All delivered with a touch of humor and a healthy dose of perspective.

While our podcast and magazine are primarily in Czech, we’re thrilled to keep our English-speaking audience in the loop through our blog. Here, we provide insightful perspectives on events in the Czech Republic from a skeptical standpoint.

Join us as we navigate the landscape of critical thought, science, and reason.

Stay informed, stay skeptical!

Member of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia & Czech Skeptics' Club Sisyfos, founding member of the Meaning of (Skeptical) Life podcast, secular humanist. Father of one new man. Television post-production by profession. And he is on BigPharma and Soros payroll.