(Not only) Christmas wishes

Dear friends, members, ladies, gentlemen and everyone else.
In this season of various holidays and traditions, we would like to wish you plenty of common sense, courage to explore, and mutual understanding. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Dongzhi, Shab-e Yalda, Kwanzaa, or any other significant moment, we wish you a peaceful and joyous holiday season.
The recent tragedy at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University reminds us of the fragility of human life, and the need to come together in an effort to understand and support each other.

May the Christmas season inspire you to respect diversity of opinion and the ability to find beauty in learning about the world together.
May your table be filled not only with a variety of goodies, but also with interesting debates and discussions.
May your holidays be filled with laughter and joy.

Atropos Skeptical Society wish you all well.

2022 Divination!

New Year’s Eve, an excellent opportunity to test our paranormal abilities and, like many other skeptics, peek behind the curtain of time and tell us some kind of future. Our focus was on the year ahead and we had visions as bright as the sun of the New Year, completely apolitical and, unfortunately, without any sign of the pandemic.

Mr. Psax, after a series of shamanistic rituals, learned that:

  • there would be an United Federation of Skeptical Podcasts1
  • Russia will shoot down another satellite
  • Czech Skeptics Club Sisyphos, in cooperation with other skeptical entities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will begin publishing a skeptical journal quarterly, the Czechoslovak version of the Skeptical Inquirer on coated paper.

For the occasion, El Léñas even spent the night in a pyramid fortified with crystals of the four elements and learned in a lucid dream that:

  • Jiří Grygar would stop believing in God.
  • NASA finally admits that the Earth is flat.
  • Ota Nepilý gets the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

A year from now, we’ll talk…


The ESP, episode #250

Welcome to the Atropos Blog!

Dive into the realm of critical thinking with Atropos, a skeptics society based in the Czech Republic.

Our podcast, Meaning of (Skeptical) Life, explores various topics within the skeptical movement, tackling issues such as alternative and complementary medicine (with a focus on its often tragic consequences), conspiracy theories, and a critical examination of religions, societal problems, and emerging scientific trends. All delivered with a touch of humor and a healthy dose of perspective.

While our podcast and magazine are primarily in Czech, we’re thrilled to keep our English-speaking audience in the loop through our blog. Here, we provide insightful perspectives on events in the Czech Republic from a skeptical standpoint.

Join us as we navigate the landscape of critical thought, science, and reason.

Stay informed, stay skeptical!

Czech-Chinese medicine dance

Medicine sometimes snatches away health, sometimes gives it.
– Ovid


Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine was opened in Hradec Kralové’s University hospital in June 2015. Opening was in the presence of Chinese Vice-Prime Minister Liu Yandong, Czech and Chinese ministers of Health departments, and Hospital director Roman Prymula.
Big show.
Inauguration one year later was lead by the Chinese president Xi Jinping in personam.
Bigger show.

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