2022 Divination!

New Year’s Eve, an excellent opportunity to test our paranormal abilities and, like many other skeptics, peek behind the curtain of time and tell us some kind of future. Our focus was on the year ahead and we had visions as bright as the sun of the New Year, completely apolitical and, unfortunately, without any sign of the pandemic.

Mr. Psax, after a series of shamanistic rituals, learned that:

  • there would be an United Federation of Skeptical Podcasts1
  • Russia will shoot down another satellite
  • Czech Skeptics Club Sisyphos, in cooperation with other skeptical entities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will begin publishing a skeptical journal quarterly, the Czechoslovak version of the Skeptical Inquirer on coated paper.

For the occasion, El Léñas even spent the night in a pyramid fortified with crystals of the four elements and learned in a lucid dream that:

  • Jiří Grygar would stop believing in God.
  • NASA finally admits that the Earth is flat.
  • Ota Nepilý gets the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

A year from now, we’ll talk…


The ESP, episode #250

Member of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia & Czech Skeptics' Club Sisyfos, founding member of the Meaning of (Skeptical) Life podcast, secular humanist. Father of one new man. Television post-production by profession. And he is on BigPharma and Soros payroll.