“Under One Roof” project

The Atropos Skeptics Society is a partner in a newly emerging project called “Under One Roof” (Pod jednou střechou), which aims to offer a safe and open space for dialogue between people of different religious and life attitudes.

Atropos promotes rational and critical thinking, and defends the principles of secularism and human rights. Its activities also include practicing the conversational method of Street Epistemology, which develops the skill of asking questions that can lead to rethinking personal beliefs.

By engaging in the “Under One Roof” project, we want to contribute to the creation of a platform where the perspectives of non-believers and the secular part of society can be presented and where debates and lectures can be organized around these topics.

We consider it important to build bridges between different worldviews and perspectives and to create a space where people of different beliefs are able to listen to and discuss with each other.

By joining the project “Under One Roof” we want to support this idea.

Group photograph from the founding meeting of the project.

Organisations and partners:

Bejt Simcha
Reform Jewish Community in Prague
affiliated member of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic

Jewish Community of Děčín

Czech Humanists

Czech Atheists

Atropos Skeptics Society

Kwan Um Zen School

Ahmadiyya Muslim Society

Mosaics Platform Dialogue
non-profit organization


Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

Ecumenical Network Common Home

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