Shortly about JW from Slovak-Ukrainian border

When El Léñas arrived at the Slovak-Ukrainian border to help transport refugees (specifically two mothers with children) to the Czech Republic, to safety, one of the first photos she used to inform us about her current situation was this one:

Jehovah’s Witnesses have already been to the border and opened their “company” stand there. Although I felt uncomfortable about this inappropriate promotion of their cult, the overwhelming need to help the needy overcame my antipathy. After all, one can help regardless of one’s religion.
However, in a completely empty stand, a man just sat doing nothing. Everything was subsequently confirmed by an article in entitled “Incredible indifference: the Jehovah’s Witnesses are waiting at the border for their sheeps, otherwise they will not help anyone”.

Although Jehovah’s Witnesses proclaim on their own website that they do help in disasters (“When a disaster strikes, Jehovah’s Witnesses often come to the rescue. In practical ways, we help both Witnesses and non-Witnesses.”), but when push comes to shove, the Bible verse “Let us work what is good toward all, but especially toward those related to us in the faith” (Galatians 6:10) comes more than handy. The verse is clearly interpreted as a duty to help “their own” people only.

Mr. Masojídek sums it up accurately in his article:
“Healthy men and women watch with utter indifference as mothers who have left their husbands at the front struggle with huge suitcases and worry about the safety of their children – the offer of help never comes. The emotions one feels when watching scenes like this are not easy to describe.”
“The offer of help never comes.”

Ok. What can you read about the war on their website?
In the article named “UPDATE | Christian love during the crisis in Ukraine” they just list the statistics of their supporters (2 dead, 8 wounded, …) and that’s it.

Are we surprised? No…
So much for information to get the picture of this organization.

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