Letter from Jehova’s child educator

Lately I found a letter in my mailbox, without envelope, just hand-written page from one lady, Jehovah’s Witness.letter

I repeatedly did not catch you at home and I could not talk to you personally, so I left you a magazine in your mailbox that I wanted to offer you. You will find practical advice in it on how to organize time in today’s hectic time, and how not to forget the most important values in our lives.
This magazine is based on wise and time-tested Bible advices.

If we can apply them, we will avoid stress, improve our relationships in the family and we will be happier.
Thanks to the knowledge of the Bible, we can also understand why there is so much wickedness and injustice in today’s world and find certainty in God’s promise that … “The righteous will possess the earth,
And they will live forever on it.”
(Psalm 37:29)

If you would like to learn more about this promise, please contact: xxxxxxxx

This effort to study Bible reminds me prof. Avalos’s life story. It also started with one small push from JW member:
Hector Avalos, professor of philosophy and religious studies, has been studying the Bible since he was a child. He was a child evangelist preacher, who had powerful “spiritual experiences”.
One day Jehovah’s Witness told him the Bible was mistranslated from its original Greek and Hebrew text and Avalos started studying it in order to defend his beliefs.
“One thing led to another, and I realized that I did not believe in Christianity or that the Bible was the word of God, or that the Bible had any kind of divine origin.”
Avalos eventually founded a new organization called the Atheist and Agnostic Society. He began his religious studies to defeat any argument against his faith in God, but these studies led him instead to a faith in science and in family.
You can read more of his interesting story here.

But – reason of this short article is not about interpretations of the Bible.
Jehova’s Witnesses are dangerous sect/cult is a generally known fact. Totalitarian leadership, covering up sexual abuses and other previously described practices.

I made some internet research about this JW lady.
Ok, she is living in nearby city, did some business for several years. Her husband is long-time director of Youth detention center. (Can be a spouse not in this cult?) And there is some lady in this small city with her name matching who is chief nursery educator.
And I am afraid that it is not just a coincidence of names.
This is scary.

Would you like to your baby be raised by Jehovah’s Witness?

I was able to confirm that She really works as a chief nursery educator and He, also JW, as director of Youth detention center for several years.

To be fair:
Their children do not seem to be raised orthodox.
They both have to be professionals in their field of work, doing their job well, without any inclination to promoting their belief.
And last but not least – we have freedom of religion, and it is unacceptable to be discriminated at work because of that.

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