AKTIP, dangerous alternative medicine scam

There is (not only) one alternative medicine case in Czech republic which could be the igniter for an strong effort to a legislation change.

The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is preparing a law on healers in these days.
The ministry also wants to be able to examine if the healers did not harm the patients by their activities so this law should introduce the registration of healers and the obligation to keep the documentation. Those who will practice healing without the authorization or duty to compensate or the damage caused will be punished.bed-clinic-doctor-1321728

The ministry came with this regulation of healing after Czech TV broadcasts a document “Health Business” about Prague’s fraudulent Alternative Medicine Center Aktip.
(AKTIP holds Sisyfos silver Erratic Boulder award in the category of teams for the year 2016.)

I’m treating my hypothyroidism for eight years, I’m okay with the results, but I feel still tired.” says Ivana, Czech television infiltrator, who secretly filmed the reportage.
Psychological analysis was absurd and manipulative, somatic investigations were conducted by uncertified devices.” She also learned that she is an angel, she may be suffering from cancer and cerebral palsy.
As a solution they offered me to find myself a lover or to undergo detoxification after which cancer be literally defecated. (Detoxification by Joalis preparations and special drops, in which analysis found 20 % of alcohol and 80 % of water.)

After the reportage was broadcasted, more former patients started to speak.
A young woman who suffered from severe kidney disease and thanks to Actip treatment ended up on day-to-day dialysis.
Oncology patients who had been treated in Aktip and then came late to the professional institutions in a state where they could no longer be rescued.
All those people spend too much money on this scam system. (Even one patient took a loan of €40.000)

This case could have the power to change opinion of many Czechs on Alternative medicine and healers.
But I remain skeptical…

I am now translating short wiki article to English. You can see it here.

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